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moving the next generation to their God given calling

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Students of Radiant College will have the opportunity to come alongside the staff of Radiant Church, one of America’s fastest growing Churches, and experience first hand a thriving, life-giving culture.

Radiant College is more than a college. It’s a calling. We exist to educate, equip and empower the next generation of leaders in both ministry and the marketplace.




Through Radiant College, students will get an opportunity to get a college degree while still having the flexibility to work and maintain a balanced home life.


Reduced Tuition

Southeastern University offers discounted tuition rates to students at extensions sites, which allows Radiant College to offer tuition at over 50% less than other local universities. Students also receive FREE college credits by simply serving and leading at Radiant Church.


Practical Ministry Training


Enrollment Options

Full Time

Our full-time program is for students who feel called into full-time ministry. Our full-time students will be at the church Monday-Thursday working in their internships with their selected ministry as well as focusing on their academics. These students will be immersed in the Radiant Staff culture and will be developed to pursue the calling God has on their lives.

Half Time

Our part time program is for those who do not feel necessarily called to full-time ministry and who do have the flexibility to commit to the daytime program. This part-time option allows students to continue their education in a number of degree options at the discounted rates that Radiant College is able to offer. These students will still get to experience community in Radiant College through small groups and other fun Radiant College activities.


*Non-Degree Seeking

Our evening program is designed for students who are looking to go further in their leadership and ministry potential. This non-degree seeking option is a one year program that will focus on personal, professional, and team leadership skills along with sound Biblical and Theological training. *The cost of this program is $500, which covers all learning materials and retreats that will take place both semesters.

Cost: $9,888.00

*Total cost listed above is for 1 year of tuition and fees at Radiant College. The number above is based on 15 credits per semester, with a practicum scholarship. The cost can fluctuate depending on number of credits the student is registered for.

About Us

Radiant Church
  • Life-Giving and Dynamic Multi-site church in
    Tampa Bay, FL
  • Ranked 2019’s 4th Fastest Growing Church in America
  • Led by Dr. Aaron Burke

Tampa, Florida

  • Population of 385,000+
  • Tampa ranks as one of the top millennial cities in America
  • Located only minutes away from beautiful beaches
  • Tampa is home to Busch Gardens theme park and is an hour drive to Disney World

Contact Us

ryan jennings

Radiant College Site Director

What is Radiant College?

Radiant College offers two paths to grow into your God given calling. One is our degree seeking program for which we partnered with Southeastern University to offer various degree options. The second option is our non-degree seeking evening program where students will grow in their Biblical and leadership knowledge. Combined with this, students will be immersed in the culture of Radiant Church and gain practical ministry experience.


What do I receive if I finish?

After completing Radiant College, you will have gained valuable life experience and ministry training from serving at Radiant Church. Not only that, but after two years of study our degree seeking students are eligible to receive a degree from Southeastern University.

Who is teaching the classes?

Southeastern University will provide online courses for the degree seeking students. For our evening program, classes will be taught by our team of Pastors and staff.

What does the application process look like?

Each degree seeking student must apply directly through Southeastern University, to which the link is provided on this site. All non-degree seeking students will apply on the website.

How long is the program?

The evening program is a one year curriculum. Our degree seeking students are not required to finish the program in a certain time frame, but can go at their own pace.

Who is Radiant college for?

Radiant College is for all young people, whether you feel called to full time ministry or to carry influence in the marketplace.

Does the program offer financial aid or student loans?

Because Southeastern University is a regionally accredited institution, its partnership with Radiant College enables enrolled students to pay for their college experience using federal financial aid. To be eligible for such funding, the student must file an Application for Federal Student Aid, also known as a FAFSA and maintain 12 credit hours each semester.

Is this an accredited program?

Yes, our degree seeking program partners with Southeastern University and Southeastern University is an accredited university authorized to award associate, baccalaureate, master’s, and doctorate degrees.

Will credits from other colleges transfer or can I transfer credits from Radiant College to another college?

Yes! Each school varies, but most general and some spiritual classes will transfer in or transfer out to other schools, again depending on what the other schools or SEU accepts.

Do I get to focus on a certain track?

Yes. Each student will have the opportunity to focus on either Children’s Ministry, Student Ministry, Worship, Creative, Pastoral Ministry or Missions and Outreach.

Is housing available?

Unfortunately, housing is not available at the present time.

When can I apply?

Radiant college offers rolling admission, which means you are able to apply in either the Spring or Fall Semesters


What is the cost of Radiant College?

The cost for degree seeking students is determined by the amount of credit hours a student takes. The cost of the evening program is $500 for the year.