Program Options

DayTime Program

Our Radiant College Daytime Program is our strategy to help educate, equip, and empower students to become a fully developed leader ready for ministry. The day time program is a full time bachelor’s degree program designed for students able to be fully immersed in a full time internship with Radiant staff, while completing their degree coursework.

Student Life

Radiant College will not only offer a strong academic foundation in theology, leadership, and biblical studies but will also offer the opportunities to immediately apply the concepts beyond the classroom into the real world. Students will also have the opportunity to connect and create lifelong friendships through small groups, chapels, and multiple fun and engaging events planned throughout the semester.

Practicum Life

What separates Radiant College is not only the fantastic academic foundation but also the intentional practicum internship that each student will be able to participate in. This gives students the opportunity to learn ministry with other Radiant Staff and Pastors not only on Sunday but throughout the week. You will learn how to become a better leader and how to create a church culture like Radiant Church. After graduation, you will be prepared to help take any ministry department at any church, to the next level.


Radiant College also offers a Flex Program. This is for students that may not be able to participate in the Day Time Program full time but still want to pursue a degree through Southeastern University online. Students will be enrolled part time or full time in classes and take their courses at their own pace while still being able to participate in everything!

Masters Program 

Our Radiant College Masters Program is for the students that want to go above and beyond in their education. We offer a unique Masters Program that allows the student to be immersed in the depth of ministry we offer at Radiant Church. Students enrolled are able to have both a flexible schedule and the opportunity to dive deep into the next level of ministry education.