A Radiant Story

Struggling In Your Marriage

We met in high school, senior year graduated together. Immediately got pregnant with our son Ryan, Johnny enlisted in the air force as a firefighter and left for boot camp. Came back and we got stationed at Holloman AFB, lived there for a year and then got orders to Elemdorf Alaska. Everything was great. Moving there taught us how to depend on each other and grow as a couple. 2 years into living there we got pregnant with our daughter Avery. Cassie decided she was going to stay home and raise the kids. I supported her in the decision. Being a firefighter I worked 24 hr shifts, Cassie finally decided to get a job at the child care center on base.

I loved working, I loved waking up and feeling like a had a purpose, I started making friends, going out more and that’s when our problems started. I really started hanging out with the wrong people and making bad decisions that really affected our family and my marriage. We started arguing all the time. I never wanted to come home. Then he tells me we got orders to MacDill in Florida. I cried at the thought of leaving my “friends” and having to be down there with him, before we moved I found out we were pregnant with our last son Jace. Once we moved here our fighting continued. He told me the station works 48 hr shifts here. I thought great! Less time I have to deal with him. Our fighting got so bad I ended up getting tickets to leave back to Alaska and taking my kids with me.

The week I was supposed to leave, I was scrolling through Facebook and Radiant kept coming up on my feed. I thought let’s just see what it’s about they have a children’s ministry so it’s an hour of my kids not watching us yelling at each other.

When we walked in I walked in stubborn, hopeless and so set that I was leaving this marriage.

We sat in the back and Pastor Aaron began to speak and it literally felt like in a room full of all these people he was speaking to us. I remember him saying whatever issue we came in with can be fixed. Your marriage isn’t over. I immediately began to cry. I felt so overwhelmed, like he knew our situation.

The next day I was still set on leaving, midnight rolled around and I had my bags packed, my kids bags packed and I remember walking to my house and telling Johnny I didn’t want to leave. I loved him and I want to make this work.

Fast forward a year we got baptized, never miss service on Sunday. I am now the Preschool Coordinator here at Radiant and Johnny serves with the High School City Group. We absolutely love our church family and have realized we can’t do life without God present. Radiant completely changed our life and we thank Pastor Aaron everyday for speaking life into our marriage when it was completely falling apart.

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